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beachtravelWhen you become a travel agent you’ll be able to take advantage of the same resources as any other travel agent. One of my favorites is the FREE weekly Travel Agent magazine. It’s only available to people in the travel industry (you can’t buy it even if you want to). Once you become a travel agent, you’ll be able to sign up for your free subscription too.

If it’s Free it’s For Me

TravelAgent magazine will make you much more knowledgeable about the travel industry and traveling. It will give you what you need to know to make your trips easier, safer, cheaper, and more fun.

But the best part of Travel Agent magazine is that you’ll be introduced to great travel destinations around the world. The “Destinations” section gives you updated tourism information about destinations around the world. It tells you…

…basic information you want to know about a destination.
…about special packages available.
…information about the best accommodations.
…which lodging, transportation, and tour companies are offering discounts.
…about hotels that have been renovated.
…the overall positives about a destination.
…who has been voted “the best” in their category at a destination.
…which websites to visit to get more information.

Perks About Travel Agent Magazine

Even if you only travel once or twice a year, it’s still fun to read about what’s happening around the world. And every month or so Travel Agent includes a special insert that covers, in detail, some specific destination like their recent Caribbean & Bahamas Montserrat Revival issue.

The “Deals of the Week” and “Fam Trips” sections of Travel Agent keep you posted on special pricing available to you for hotels, cruises, or special packages. In the Fam Trips section you’ll find such great deals as the following one to Tahiti.

Tahiti Fam Trip

Eight-day fam leaves Feb. 22 and includes two nights beachfront in Papeete, two nights on Moorea and one night on Bora Bora. $999 per agent and $1,395 companion includes international air from Los Angeles, inter-island flights, sightseeing, meals, and transfers. Trip is sponsored by Air Tahiti Nui and Sofitel.

One of the great things about becoming a travel agent is that sometimes you get to travel for free. From time to time you’ll also be introduced to totally free travel deals available only to travel agents. Why do travel organizations offer free travel? They know that if they can get travel agents to come and see them, that the agents will tell other people about them. That means more business for them.

And when you’re wined-and-dined like royalty on these trips, you can’t help but share your experience with your friends and family. And when you do, they’ll want to know how you did it. What’s great is that you’ll actually be able to earn more free travel and make money by telling your friends and family how to travel like you do. More on that later.

You can also sign up on email lists and you’ll get emails notifying you of special deals only available for travel agents.

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