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discountzBesides family trips, you’ll get other great, “job perks,” when you become a travel agent. Here is a brief overview of some of them that you can now have too:

  • Hotel Discounts – Hotels offer travel agents discounts at half off or even higher. All travel agents have to do is to call the hotel and ask if they offer any discount prices for agents. In addition, travel agents can ask for room upgrades. Imagine being upgraded from a standard room to a penthouse suite. It happens!
  • Car Rental Discounts – Many car rental agencies offer discounted prices to travel agents. Sometimes they offer agents an upgrade to a more expensive car class. You wouldn’t mind driving a nice convertible or SUV instead of your usual compact or intermediate car would you?
  • Free First Class Airline Upgrades – Many airlines will upgrade travel agents to first class if there are empty seats in first class. All you have to do is ask.
  • Luxury Cruises – Travel agents get huge discounts on cruises all over the world. You can take cruises for as little as $40 a day. Of course, that includes your room, meals, and on-ship entertainment. You can’t travel much cheaper than that!
  • Commissions – Agents earn commissions on most of their own personal travel, even at agent rates!
  • Free Or Discounted Admissions to Shows, Theme Parks, Helicopter Rides, Snow Skiing, Wax Museums And Other Tourist Attractions – Travel agents can ask for discounts almost anywhere and quite often get significant discounts or other benefits. To get these discounts, travel agents go to the Guest Relations, Group or Administration office or window so they also don’t have to stand in public lines. Discounts range from 10% to 50% or more, and some may be extended to others traveling with them.

You can become a home-based Independent Travel Agent and you’ll receive the same benefits as travel agents that sit in a travel agency 8 hours a day even if all you do is help your friends and family take trips.

Save Money On Business Travel

If you’re a small business owner who travels, you already know that you don’t have the same travel resources available to you as a billion dollar corporation. They have the power to negotiate large discounts with major hotel chains and car rental agencies.

But as a small business owner it’s even more important for you to save money wherever you can. Since you don’t have the influence to negotiate discounts, why not become a travel agent and get the discounts travel agents get?

If you have employees, each one of them that travels could be their own travel agent. Not only can they get their rooms for half-price or more, but being a travel agent would also be an employee perk. When they become a travel agent, they can upgrade to nicer hotel rooms and rental cars.

One automotive marketing company in North Carolina provides their 400 employees with travel agent cards. According to it’s founder, “We’ve saved an enormous amount of money with them, somewhere in the tens of thousands of dollars.” The companies’ founder said that after he signed up as an agent, his company began saving on hotels and car rentals so he signed up his entire sales staff and consultants. “Every one of our people are using the card,” the founder said. “They’d be foolish not to.”

Save Money Elsewhere Too

When you become a travel agent you may even write off your trips as a business expense. Of course, you’ll be traveling for professional education purposes to learn about new destinations. As an independent travel agent you are an independent contractor operating your own business from your home or office. Therefore, you may even be able to deduct telephone and other expenses.

All you have to do to become a travel agent is to fill out a simple application form.

Soon thereafter, you’ll receive your agent identification card and your travel agent training. As a new agent you’ll immediately be eligible for discounts and upgrades on hotel rooms, car rentals and cruise ships.

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