Travel Advice: Preparing Your Skin for the Sunshine State

Travel AdviceFlorida is commonly known as “The Sunshine State,” so it should go without saying that the weather there can be a little hot – especially in the central part of Florida, where it remains hot all-year round. With that said, however, Florida is considered to be one of the most visited states in the USA. People actually go there specifically for the sunny weather.

Now, if you are planning on traveling to Florida, we have prepared some tips for you on how to keep your skin healthy for the entire duration of your trip. You want to be able to enjoy your time there; you definitely don’t want to be bothered by skin flare-ups and cracking lips because of the hot weather.

Travel Advice:

1.  Keep yourself hydrated. Always bring a bottle of water with you while you explore the Sunshine State, so you will always have something to drink whenever you’re thirsty. Plain water is the best drink for hydration – forget about soda and fruit shakes, even though they’re heavily advertised to “quench your thirst.” Keeping yourself hydrated will prevent your skin from drying up under the hot sun. Even out your water intake throughout the day; it doesn’t have to be perfectly evened out, but you get the idea.

2.  Are you already using a skin moisturizer? Is it lotion-based? If it is, switch it out with something that’s water-based, if possible, or something that has a non-greasy formula – look for ingredients like aloe, cucumber or honey. Whatever it is, make sure it easily absorbs in your skin and doesn’t feel greasy. You really don’t want to have greasy moisturizer on your skin under the hot Florida sun. All that is going to do is make you feel even hotter – and not in the good kind of “hot,” either.  As for your lips, equip yourself with a humble stick of lip balm. The hot sun won’t only dry up your skin; it affects your lips, too. If you can help it, avoid licking your lips, because saliva actually tends to dehydrate them. In order to lock-in moisture, apply some lip balm on your puckers.

3.  For snacks, try almonds. Almonds are rich in monounsaturated fats, which promote healthy development of your skin and cells. You can munch on a handful from time to time while you tour from city to city. If you’re going to munch on anything at all, why not munch on something that’s rich in monounsaturated fats that could help keep your skin healthy, right?

That’s it! We hope you remember these travel advice for when you take that trip to Florida.

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