Tips for When to Visit Disney World

c1Think of Florida and for most people the first or second thing that comes to mind is Walt Disney World. Think of Disney World and just after images of Mickey Mouse and Cinderella, you probably picture masses of crowds all trying to get a ride on Space Mountain.

Timing is Everything

Disney World gets crowded and millions of people visit Disney World yearly.  Visit Disney World when the crowds are at their peak and you know it is just not fun.

Figuring out the best times to visit the Magic Kingdom can really make your visit there go from miserable to amazing. With the prices you are going to be paying just to enter the park, it better be fun.

The first Florida travel tip for conquering the Disney crowd issue is, pick the best time to go. The best time to visit Disney World and avoid huge crowds is to go when schools are in session.

Consider September

September is a month that Disney World records very low crowds. This makes sense because by September all kids in the United States have gone back to school.  September is also a great month for flying. Airlines are slow during September and you may be able to cash in on a low fare. Take this travel advice and save a lot of money.

Just like airlines have slow times; so do hotels.  Staying at a Disney World property is not a cheap adventure. During slow times you can get in on much cheaper hotel room rates. If you can book during the week this is a great advantage for lower pricing. Hotel prices jump up on Fridays.

Take Our Advice

These are just some tips that can really help make your experience at the Magic Kingdom a lot more pleasurable and a little less pricey.  It really makes sense to pay attention to these trends.  It is expensive for a family to go to Disney and some families save for a long time to make their trip a reality; it should be the experience of a lifetime.

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