Three Good Reasons to Take a Break in Florida

Florida is well known as one of the top venues for your convention or conference. Of the top US meeting destinations in a 2017 poll, Florida cities held 7 of the top 45 entries, with Orlando being the number one choice. Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Jacksonville, Kissimmee, Miami and Tampa were also favorites.

But having a great environment and fantastic facilities for business aren’t the only reason to spend time in Florida. One of the things that sets the Sunshine State apart as a business destination is that it’s also a great place to relax: take meetings in the morning, mix with mermaids in the afternoon. Or plan to spend an extra day or two beyond your conference to visit The Keys, the Everglades, or even the Magic Kingdom.

Of course, if you’re one of those workaholic types, that may sound too frivolous … but there are good reasons to take a time out now and then: studies have shown that making time for rest, recreation, and recharging can help keep you healthier, happier, and more productive when you go back to work.

There are multiple reasons why getting your mind off work can be an asset:

1. You avoid burnout

In one way or another, everyone’s job is stressful. If you happen to like what you do, that stress may just be the excitement of the job. But even good stress can be like a carnival ride: the ups and downs and twists and turns are what make it fun … but it builds up. Stay on the ride long enough without a break, and eventually you’re going to want to puke. You get tired. You lose enthusiasm. It’s not fun anymore.

And that is if you LIKE your job. If you’re one of the 85% (!) of people who say they hate their job, well, it’s that much worse.

2. You actually get more done

It’s counter-intuitive, but the biblical concept of taking one day off each week will actually increase your productivity. A study led by John Trougakos at the University of Toronto found that ” People who engage in respite activities during workday recovery breaks have higher levels of positive affect (observable expression of emotion) after the breaks.”

It’s not unlike resting your eyes: when you’re staring at paperwork or a computer screen all day, one of the key ways to avoid a headache is to look away every few minutes, and focus on something off in the distance. Your brain needs that break from constant use, as well; in both cases, you’re taking time off from your task … but you’ll get more done than if you simply try to push through.

3. You’ll live longer

As we mentioned, relaxing is the healthy thing to do. Learning to destress can decrease risk of heart attack and stroke, help make better decisions and avoid depression, maintain your weight and complexion … it can even help you avoid the common cold!

This is just the tip of the iceberg: the effects of “all work and no play” go far beyond simply making Jack a dull boy. While dedication to your professional goals is commendable, learning to unwind is the best way to keep functioning at peak levels.

That’s just one more reason we suggest booking your next convention–AND vacation–in Florida. It’s a good business decision, but also good for overall physical and mental health–as these top entrepreneurs discuss. And on top of everything else, it’s fun.

And if there’s one thing we know better than business, it’s fun.

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