The Benefits Of Becoming A Travel Agent

beachwearWhen you become a travel agent you’ll get a photo ID card and a letter from the hosting travel agency that says you are a travel agent. That ID card and letter open the door to all kinds of discounts.

One of those benefits are what are called FAMs, which is short for familiarization trips. Travel suppliers create these discount programs to encourage travel agents to learn about their facilities with hopes that these travel agents will use their personal experiences to refer others to come visit them.

FAM Benefits

The travel agent gets to personally experience beautiful holiday destinations so they can better sell it to their clients. These FAM suppliers offer discounted rates and other privileges to professional travel agents for:

  • Hotel Rooms
  • Cruises
  • Car Rentals
  • Vacation Packages and Tours
  • Entry to Theme Parks, Shows and Other Attractions
  • Complimentary Upgrades and VIP Attention

But even if you never take advantage of these FAM trips, there are still great benefits to being a travel agent. You can use your travel agent card to get discounts on all sorts of things.

Other Perks

Let me give you an example of what having a travel agent ID card can do for you. One millionaire I know who has a travel agent card was at the registration desk of New York’s Waldorf Astoria hotel side-by-side with a businessman who travels frequently. The registration clerk told the businessman his room rate for just a normal room was $250 a night. His jaw dropped when he overheard the rate this millionaire was paying for a penthouse suite.

He paid 50% less per night than the businessman and they upgraded him to a PENTHOUSE suite…not just a regular old room! These suites normally cost over $700 a night! That’s a $700 suite for only $125 a night!

The businessman asked the millionaire if he could see the suite since he had never seen a penthouse. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the table full of mouth-watering food that greeted them when they got off the elevator. He couldn’t believe the picturesque, panoramic view of New York. This is a suite that caters to the rich and famous so it has more luxury than most people even know exists in a hotel room!

You Want A Travel Agent ID Card

You can use your travel agent ID card to get discounts on not only hotels, but lots of other things to. Whenever you book any kind of accommodation or service like rental cars, concert tickets, amusement park tickets, ski lift tickets, limos, etc. you’ll ask what the standard rate is. Then you’ll tell them you are a travel agent and ask what the travel agent rate is. If they are not already booked up, that’s when you’ll see the rate drop up to 80% off the standard rate. Sometimes you may not get a discount, but maybe they’ll give you an upgrade to a better room or better car.

The following table gives you an idea of just how many travel related services you can get discounted or upgraded:

Travel Related Services That Discount Or Upgrade


Car rental

Hotels/Resorts, other lodging

Ship Cruises / Boat Tours

Theme park entry

Skiing lift passes

Biking & hiking lift passes

Ski rental

Bus fares

Package tours

Concert Tickets

Scuba diving


White water rafting

Travel Insurance

Train Fares


Wildlife safari

Surfing or Sailing Lessons

Festivals and fairs tickets

Circus tickets

Canoe or kayak rental

Whale watching

Sailing lessons

Bike rental

Bungee jumping


Hang gliding

Tourist attraction tickets

Scenic flights

You can ask for discounts on anything you want and you could possibly get them. So ask!

Airlines have such tight profit margins these days you won’t likely get a discount on them. But you could get upgraded to first class if they have room. It never hurts to ask.

Certification Amenities

Once you become a certified travel agent here’s a summary of the type of benefits you’ll have:

  • Up to 80% savings to some of the world’s most desirable destinations
  • Four, Five and Six Star resorts and cruises
  • Rock-bottom prices on last minute, blowout travel inventories
  • Access to industry FAMs (familiarization trips)
  • Book your own travel and get commissions paid back to you!
  • The ability to book group travel or travel for friends, family, and business associates.
  • The ability to continue your travel education for even more industry certifications and even bigger savings.
  • Just show your travel agent card and get discounts on hotels, rental cars, amusement parks, helicopter rides, scuba diving, or anything else you can think of.

Those are the fun benefits of becoming a travel agent. Another benefit of being an independent travel agent is the possible tax advantages. As an independent travel agent, you are an independent contractor operating your own business from your home or office. This may allow you certain tax advantages, such as tax deductions relating to the operation of your business (telephone and other expenses) or the expenses you incur while traveling for professional educational purposes (to learn about a new destination, etc.). You’ll have to ask your tax advisor if you qualify for those though.

You can easily become an independent travel agent so you can take advantage of the massive discounts and commissions that are available worldwide.

In fact, most travel agents get in the business just because of the perks.


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