Party On!

Bflorida beach partyeach parties are definitely a great way to go if you live in a coastal area. Don’t neglect the free access you have to sun, surf and sand (things that make people feel good). So, if you’ve never planned a beach party, perhaps you are wondering what steps to take to, “party on!” Well, it’s really very simple, but since you are here, we’ll break it down for you!

There’s really no reason to over complicate this process. Sure, we could go into excessive details about which foods to choose and which games to play. Instead, we are going to leave those options to you. However, we will provide you with a step by step process to get your party on. If you’ll adhere to these steps like a check list, filling in the personal choice aspects on your own, your beach party will go off without a hitch (unless you need one for the BBQ).

Step 1

Choose the beach. Obviously, you need to pick one that’s nearest to all those you’ll be inviting. Also, you’ll need to make sure you investigate the rules on the beach, some are pretty nit-picky about what you’re allowed to do on their sands.

Step 2

Now that you’ve determined where to have the party, you need to pick when to have it. Shall it be a cool of the morning or evening bash? Or do you most prefer lunchtime? It’s really up to you, but just keep sun exposure in your considerations. And, if you’re going to feed people (and we are assuming you will since, what’s a party without food?) that should have an effect on your timing as well.

Step 3

Decide your target audience. Essentially, will you be allowing kids and teens, or is this an adult only party? This decision will effect step 2 because wee-ones don’t need to be out too late!

Step 4

Pick your cuisine. Generally, beach parties include watermelon, barbeque and chips and dip. Certainly you’re welcome to change the status quo, just make sure there’s enough and that you keep everybody hydrated too (not just with beer).

Step 5

Create invitations, if you’re into that type of thing. Otherwise, just send out a mass text or email to let everyone know when and where the shindig will occur.

Step 6

Determine who’s in charge of the food you’ve chosen to provide. If you’re hiring a caterer, then you’ll need to find one. If you’re doing it on your own, make sure you have all the necessary accoutrements to accomplish your desires.

Step 7

Get to the beach early and make sure you don’t forget anything. Some people say you should get there 2-3 hours before your party starts. That’s fine if it’s going to take you that long to prepare, but if it’s going to be a short set-up don’t get there so early you get too sweaty and bored before your guests arrive. You don’t want to be grumpy for your own party!

Step 8

Don’t forget the tunes. Bring a ghetto-blaster (and batteries) if you’ve got one, or else, set up an iPod and some largish speakers. People like music at parties.

Step 9

Wait until people start arriving to set out the food. Otherwise you’ll run the risk of bugs getting in the chips or else having them go stale, both options are not ideal.

Step 10

Set up any extras. If you’ve got games, get them in position. If you’ve brought additional towels or sunscreen, make sure your guests know where they are. Then, party on!

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