Things to do in Florida on Vacation: #1 Miami MetroZoo

Things to do in Florida on Vacation

This is the first entry to our “Things to do in Florida on Vacation” series. In this series, we will highlight every single thing to do in Florida on vacation that we can think of, so that you, our readers, can have a better grasp at what to look forward to in your vacation to the Sunshine State.

Beaches aren’t all Florida’s Got to Offer

Spending your vacation in Florida doesn’t have to be all about the Walt Disney Worlds or the Fort Lauderdale Beaches and such. The sunny climate in Florida allows the state to keep a wide variety of animals that aren’t naturally found in the USA, and this is where Miami MetroZoo comes into the picture.

One of the many things to do in Florida on vacation is visit Miami MetroZoo. If you love nature, then you will just absolutely fall in love with Miami MetroZoo, which is one of the best destinations in Florida. Miami MetroZoo is known for its cage-less exhibits; meaning, the animals are free to roam around and are “out in the open.” Don’t worry, of course there are still barricades to separate the animals from the humans so tourists can feel at ease.

Amazing Features

At Miami MetroZoo, animals are grouped according to their geographic origin. In fact, at animal exhibits, you’ll see animals “co-mingle” as you would see them in the wild. It’s a wonderful sight; something that most of us living in modern civilization don’t get to see, unless it’s on the television.

The zoo is so wonderfully, and thoughtfully, kept that even the trees, vegetation and soil are as close as possible to the ones in the animals’ native habitat, purely to keep the animals comfortable. The beauty that comes with an exotic mix of tree types and vegetation is a welcome bonus.

Fun for Everyone

If you have a child that is at least 8-years-old, you should know that the zoo also allows you to feed their giraffes – for a price. We’re not sure about the fee, but we think it’s around two bucks; so, for as cheap as $2, you – or your child – can look at a giraffe eye-to-eye to feed it.

The Miami MetroZoo also has an open-air aviary that houses over 300 birds – most of them are exotic and endangered species. On a side note: Did you know that some birds are known to be the closest relatives of dinosaurs? That’s a fact you can share with your children; we’re sure their jaws will drop in awe.

In Summation

Just so you know, the zoo itself is quite big. The entire zoo property is around 740 acres of land, and the animal exhibits only occupy 300 acres of that. With that being said, if you plan to visit the zoo, make sure you wear your most comfortable pair of sneakers. Absolutely no high heels for the ladies, unless they want to suffer from horrible blisters and leg cramps. If you or your family don’t feel like walking, there are bicycle carriages available at the entrance; however, you should know that you might have some trouble finding one to rent on weekends.

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