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florida beachFlorida has some healing properties that perhaps you’ve been unaware of up until now. If you’re thinking about ways to attain Florida rehabilitative treatment, you might want to consider the beach. Yes, we know that sounds a little far-fetched, but there have been studies that show the rehabilitative, healing potential in beach visits. Besides, if you’ve ever been emotionally distraught and chosen to visit the beach at night, then certainly you are aware of its calming effect. There’s some real value in Florida beaches, and we’d like to share those aspects with you!

The beach’s environment has a restorative nature. That means that it can revitalize and invigorate seemingly depressed, or inactive, joy and peace. Think about it, most of us spend inordinate amounts of time inside. We sit in our little cubicles (or big offices) and type away on glaring computer screens under artificial light. We get off work as the day’s closing down and we’ve lacked all exposure to natural goodness. The beach offers us sun, surf and sand. These three things are more valuable than we realize. So, let us explain why you need all three.


Yes, we know that too much sun can be bad, but so can too little. Like everything, moderation is the key. Here’s the deal though, the sun enables our bodies to produce Vitamin D which is an integral part of creating strong bones as it’s what helps us absorb the calcium we need. Also, there have been studies showing that endorphins are increased under the sun and there’s a correlation to the prevention of autoimmune diseases as well. Remember, endorphins are those hormones that make us feel good, don’t you want some more of them?


Saltwater is commonly recommended for a number of ailments because it has the ability to fight infection and detoxify the body. Add that to the ability to swim in the saltwater and now you’re increasing your potential to chill out. We say that because swimming has been linked to a decrease in anxiety and depression. It’s also great for people that need non-impact based activity, like those with arthritis. In fact, swimming has been shown to alleviate joint pain. These should be significant reasons to get out there and enjoy the ocean!


So this might be a little weird, but apparently our feet have more nerve-endings and sweat glands than any other appendage (or part of the body). Therefore, walking on sand forces us to not only use muscles that are often left dormant  when walking on hard terrain, but it also stimulates those excessive nerve-endings. Think about that warm sand beneath your feet, how much like a massage it is. That points to the fact that there are mood boosting properties inherent in walking barefoot, particularly on the sand. Get those shoes off and enjoy the sand between your toes; let your piggies go (like they sing on Sesame Street).

Florida Rehabilitative Treatment: The Beach

Listen, Florida has tons to offer anyway, but when you think about the research that implores you to visit the beach for your physical and emotional well-being, there should be no more hesitation. Figure out how to get away and check Florida out, especially some of its luscious beaches. Have you got a, “beach healed me,” story? Feel free to share it in the comments section!

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