How To Become A Travel Agent Affiliate

travelairportIn this article you’ll learn how to become a travel agent affiliate. You’ll know what a travel agent affiliate is and the easiest and fastest way you can become one.

As travel agencies are dwindling, because people are now using the Internet to research and book their own travel, the travel industry has had to reinvent itself. So now there is a new kind of travel agent called a travel agent affiliate.

What are Travel Agent Affiliates?

Travel agent affiliates are members of “hosting” travel agencies. The purpose of these travel agencies is a little different than travel agencies in the past. The role of the travel agents in these agencies is not to go out and find customers to sell travel to. Their role is to assist customers brought in by home-based affiliate travel agents.

The affiliate travel agents market themselves and find the customers. Then they refer them to their host travel agencies where specialist travel agents help the customer with travel plans. Since no one travel agent can specialize in all forms of travel, the customer benefits by having access to this specialist.

What a Travel Agent Affiliate Doesn’t Do

The affiliate travel agent doesn’t have to worry about booking airline tickets, understanding reservation systems, price negotiation, reservation confirmation, or any of the myriad of other details involved in making the customer’s trip smooth. The affiliate travel agent can focus solely on one thing, selling travel.

An affiliate travel agent doesn’t have to go to an office or work set hours. The hosting agency has travel agents that do that.

So Why Become an Travel Agent Affiliate?

The affiliate travel agent still gets all the same perks of being a travel agent. The commissions earned are a little less than a regular travel agent, but since the agent can focus on bringing customers in, that can more than make up for the commission reduction.

The sheer volume of affiliate travel agent sales also allow the hosting travel agency to negotiate special fares and other values with its affiliates and preferred suppliers. So, they can create custom travel packages available only to affiliate travel agents and their customers. They get travel benefits just by being associated with the hosting agency. This is in addition to all the other benefits of becoming a travel agent.

Since these hosting agencies do not have to spend money on advertising and multiple offices scattered around the country or world, they can divert the money they would have spent to investments in finding the best deals with exclusive sources such as wholesalers, consolidators, and consortiums. They also can spend time negotiating rates with preferred suppliers. Traditional travel agencies simply can’t spend their time on these activities.

In Summation

If you become a travel agent affiliate, you’ll have all the benefits of being a travel agent even if you don’t quit your current job and work as a travel agent full time. All you have to do to get started is to sign up with a host travel agency.

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