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florida businessesRecently, we saw the publication of the top businesses to work for. Since there’s generally an influx of people to Florida throughout the year (particularly in winter time) we figured some of you might want to know who to work for here. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list that tops out the companies we’ve heard about and are relatively certain will fulfill your employment desires. Welcome to our Florida Business Directory.

Small Businesses

There are definitely some benefits to working for smaller companies, particularly if you’d prefer not to dissolve into the wallpaper whenever upper-level management appears. Small businesses and their owners are usually more in tune with their employees than those at the top of the hugely corporate ladder. On the downside though, small businesses usually lack significant capital to pay exorbitant wages; so, don’t be surprised if the pay scale’s a little lower than you’d hope. Given that information, if you’re still looking for some good small companies to work for in Florida, here’s our top 5.

  • Crossman & Co. – They are located in Orlando and are real estate based. Their managers are making over $66,000 a year and their regular staff members (on average) make nearly $30,000.
  • EmCo Consulting – Those of you hoping for employment in the upper part of the state might find this Pensacola based company interesting. That is, of course, if you’re into environmental consulting. You’ll see slightly over $30,000 as a regular staff member and just over $60,000 in a managerial position.
  • eBridge – Not too keen on the dead center of Florida? Then check out this Tampa situated technology firm. If you’re experienced enough to get a managerial job, you’ll enjoy their $100,000 mark. However, like everyone else until this point, they offer $30,000 for basic employ.
  • Markham, Norton, Mosteller, Wright & Co. –  Heading further south, if you’re an accounting/consulting expert, take a look at this business located in Fort Myers. They’ll start you at $37,600 and you could end up (as a boss) making $112,160.
  • rbb Public Relations – Those hoping to really experience Florida warmth might want to keep heading down the state to Coral Gables. This company focuses on advertising, marketing and PR. So, if that’s your skill-set you’ll start at a rather meager $25,000 but could wind up making $79,500 once you climb the ladder a little.

Large Businesses

Like small businesses there are certainly advantages to working with larger companies. Namely, their ability to offer more upward mobility and financial gain. Therefore, these businesses deserve further consideration when you’re looking for a larger organization to align your skills with. Remember, that a lot of times these larger companies aren’t places where everybody knows your name. So, if you’re ok with that set up, then check out our top five big corporations to work for!

  • Odebrecht – This is a construction company based out of South Florida; Coral Gables actually. Management positions are raking in $104,000 yearly while those on the lower levels are seeing $40,000. 
  • Embraer – Based in Fort Lauderdale, this company focuses on aviation and aerospace. Amazingly, they start their people at $46,600 and they compensate their management at the nearly $100,000 mark. Plus, that’s a super cool field to get into!
  • Arthrex – Come up the state a bit, to Naples, and you’ll find this company working in the field of medical devices. Upper level employees enjoy $118,400 and beginners take home $35,000.
  • FCCI Insurance Group – Like the name implies, this company deals in the insurance industry. You’ll end up in Sarasota if this is your area of interest and you’ll garner in $40,100 on entry or $88,900 as the boss.
  • Capital City Bank – At the top of the state, you could start your banking career enjoying the capital, Tallahassee. If you start off there you’ll see just under $30,000, but if you work hard you might attain to $69,468.

Working in Florida

We hope some of these suggestions will help  you in your career search. If you happen upon other business you think should be included in our directory of top employers please let us know. We are always willing to revise our thought processes when warranted. Good luck in your job search and, if you get hired, maybe you can let them know we sent you?


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