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florida packingSo, you’re coming to Florida? Well, there are some things you should realize: just because it’s called the Sunshine State, that doesn’t mean there aren’t bouts of rather surprising weather. Dependent upon the time of year you decide to travel, you might want to come prepared for anything! So, if you’re asking, “Do I need this now?” as you try to determine what to add to your Florida bound suitcase, let us help you prepare.

Step 1

Get a medium sized suitcase (unless you’re planning on staying awhile). Basically, just make sure whichever suitcase you utilize will hold all your necessities and anything else you might want to bring back with you.

Step 2

Have an itinerary. Know what you plan on doing while you’re visiting. If you’re traveling for work, bring work attire. If for pleasure, then consider what that means to you? Golf? The beach? Pack accordingly. Make sure you include things that you can get dirty and things that will be more dressy (that way you’ll cover all the bases).

Step 3

Do  your weather research, but understand that the weather men can’t really predict what God will do. Think about it, they’re probably the only people who get to keep their jobs after being consistently wrong! That said, make sure you bring rain preparations. While Florida is on Seattle’s opposite corner of the country, they do share their tendency towards rain. At least pack an umbrella!

Step 4

If you’re planning on traveling in the winter, please note that Florida is notorious for sudden cold fronts. Obviously a Florida “cold front” isn’t like those you’d find in New York, but you’d still  be best suited to bring a sweater or a light jacket, just in case!

Step 5

Pack things that fit the weather and your activities. Specifically, remember that you’re traveling to Florida so bring your shorts and capris, but don’t neglect your jeans (especially if you’re coming in winter). Obviously, most people that come to the Sunshine State include beach visits in their agendas. Thusly, don’t forget to pack your swimsuit and maybe even a towel. Heck, you might want to bring two in case one gets too much sand or salt for your re-wear-liking.

Step 6

This is perhaps the most important aspect of your visit to Florida. While it’s certainly in your best interest to bring a pair of comfortable shoes (tennis shoes and dress shoes alike) you cannot truly visit Florida, and get the full effect of its awesomeness, without flip flops. Even if you have to buy a pair while you’re in Florida, make sure you end up wearing them, feel the sand between your toes and let the sun warm you from the bottom up!

Step 7

Like any good traveler, it’s pretty important to remember to bring your camera. Of course, with the advent of smartphones far too many people miss out on real quality pictures. Get a disposable camera if you’re not equipped, but record your journey on film somehow.

Step 8

Love every minute of your time here. Florida has some truly great attributes and besides, we’re the only peninsula in the USA (we don’t count Alaska because Canada separates us). Come see us soon!

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