Discount Florida Travel

“What Would Your Life Be Like If You Knew The Secret To Cheap Or FREE Travel That One Industry Has Kept To Themselves For Years?”

You’re standing on an isolated tropical beach on your second dream vacation of the year. Your first trip was a journey through histories and cultures in such cities as in Clearwater, Tampa, Miami and Jacksonville.

So now you decided to be somewhere where the sea breezes gently rock the palm trees and any direction you look there’s either water or a lush carpet of bougainvillea, wild hibiscus, and jasmine creating a colorful masterpiece all around.

A sailboat bobs in the sparkling sea as seagulls gracefully glide along the surface looking for their next meal. The sun touches the edge of the horizon creating a golden, dazzling end to the perfect day.

This life can be yours once you discover the secret that one industry doesn’t want you to know. This secret is about a benefit that was previously unavailable to you, but now you too can now reap its rewards.

Just imagine instead of taking a dream vacation once in a lifetime as so many people do, you take a couple dream vacations a year.

You know there’s nothing like the feeling you have on your last day of work before a big vacation.

It’s tough to keep your mind on work when you’re having visions of walking on a beach in Jacksonville, or enjoying a Key West Sunset.

Once you discover the secret I’ll share, and take advantage of it, you’ll have the key to unlock the treasure chest of huge discounts previously only available to people in the travel industry.

Who are these people? Travel agents of course. Because travel agents travel extensively and use their personal experiences to inspire others to do the same, travel suppliers create industry discount programs and special privileges designed to encourage travel agents to learn about their facilities.

Travel agents have access to the best trips available and now you can have the same access even if you don’t want to work as a full-time travel agent.

One of the benefits of becoming a travel agent are the “fam trips.” A fam trip is travel industry jargon that stands for “Familiarization Trip”. Fam trips are highly discounted vacations that travel agents go on to familiarize themselves with resorts and cruise lines. Fam trips can be as low as $100 for an all inclusive vacation, and sometimes they’re free as you’ll see below. These trips are generally discounted between 50 to 90 percent off of what non-travel agents pay.

Sometimes these huge discounts are made possible by the governments of the countries you visit. Why would governments help pay for your trip? Because they want to promote tourism to their country.

Just imagine you could go on a 4-day trip to beautiful Playa Del Carmen, Mexico and stay at an all-inclusive 5-Star Resort. With one fam trip that was available you could have bought the same trip online from a discount travel source for just $1,048. Or, when you become a travel agent you could have enjoyed it for just $480. And yes, that price included airfare! You and a traveling companion would have saved over $1000 on this one trip alone. If you take more than one trip a year your savings would be even greater!

Not only do travel agents get huge discounts with these fams, but they also yet treated like royalty because the fam providers want the travel agents to refer business to them. They won’t do that unless they are absolutely thrilled with their vacation.