Beyond the Coastline: Travel Tips in Florida

EvergladesWhen you think of Florida, you probably think of sandy white beaches, oranges, and sunshine year-round. These are trademarks of the state, but there is much more to the state than just the beautiful coastline. On your next Florida vacation, why not get off the beaten trail and explore what the interior of the state has to offer? Check out some of these things to do in Florida on vacation:

1. Gainesville

Home to the University of Florida and at the heart of “Gator nation,” Gainesville is much more than a college town. It is home to a thriving and innovative art scene, quirky and memorable restaurants, and a distinctly friendly community. Residents tend to be health-conscious, meaning that vegetarians and vegans will have dining options galore. Green parks are scattered throughout Gainesville proper, and just beyond the city limits are forest preserves that offer hiking through Florida’s diverse terrain. Gainesville is also the horse capital of Florida, so don’t be surprised to see an abundance of thoroughbreds as you drive through the rolling hills found in Florida’s interior.

2. Natural Springs

One of the best-kept secrets in Florida is the abundance of natural springs. During the summer, Floridians in-the-know are drawn to these havens on the interior to cool off and enjoy Florida’s natural beauty. The highest concentration of springs can be found around Ocala, though springs are scattered throughout the state. Some of the rivers fed by springs have been kept in pristine condition, making them simply an enchanting place to visit.

Some spring-fed rivers, like Rainbow River, have a tubing and shuttle service. Others are BYOT (bring your own tube), though visitors may also choose to bring kayaks or canoes. Some, such as Ginnie Springs, offer full-service campgrounds and SCUBA certification. No matter how you and your family and friends choose to see Florida’s natural springs, you should not miss these wonders on the interior.

3. Everglades

EvergladesNational Park covers over 700 square miles on Florida’s southernmost tip. Though by looking at a map it may seem like an inhospitable swamp, the Everglades is actually quite accessible for visitors. Mile after mile of hiking trails have been carved into the wetlands, and different companies offer a variety of tours ranging from multi-day paddles to bike tours given under the full moon to the iconic airboat rides. Anyone who appreciates the majesty of nature will certainly enjoy a trip to the massive Everglades.

Florida is known for beautiful beaches and great weather, but why not have some fun under the sun away from the crowds on Florida’s interior?

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