6 Travel Essentials for Visiting Florida in the Summer

6178937560_cd33d82ae6Ah, the Sunshine State. If you’re coming from up north from the land of Polar Vortexes and freezing winters, that moniker probably sounds pretty good. As lovely as it is to occasionally wear shorts in the dead of January, however, there are some things any northerner should bring with them whenever they decide to visit, but especially when visiting Florida in the summer. Thankfully, that’s why the internet invented travel tips, right? The following are six essentials you need for your trip to Florida.

1. Shorts.

It’s true that Floridians are known for wearing jeans and flip-flops, but don’t assume you’ll blend into the crowd by doing the same. If you’ve never worn jeans in ninety-eight degree weather before, now isn’t the time to start. Instead pack plenty of shorts, and be prepared to sweat.

2. Sunscreen.

It doesn’t matter if you want to get a tan or you’ve never been sunburned in your life. Especially if you plan on visiting one of Florida’s many beaches (you probably are) make sure to bring and use that SPF protection!

3. A Towel.

This is generally a good idea for travel because you never know. Especially if you’re going to the beach, it’s usually a good idea to bring one towel more than what you think you’ll need. To be fair though, an extra towel never hurt anybody, so consider this a more general travel tip.

4. Sunglasses or a Hat.

You may think you’ll never get tired of the sunshine, but you’ll learn quickly if you don’t bring one or both of these items. Trust a native Floridian on this one: there’s only so long you can bask in sunlight before you want to go into your home and shut all the blinds.

5. An Umbrella.

Despite what you may think, this isn’t to block the sun. There are two types of Floridians: those who travel with an umbrella, and those who don’t. The first group knows that it will rain between three and five pm on summer days. The second group knows the rain will only last for five minutes, and so decide they’ll do without instead of dragging an umbrella around all day. In this case it’s better to be prepared.

6. Knowledge of the Movement of the Sun.

This is less about astronomy and more about common sense. Most Floridians know to avoid going outside between 11am-4 pm on any given summer day. If at all possible, get any outdoor work done before 10:30 am since that’s when the sun starts to heat up the most. That heat lingers all day, but the hottest part is done by five. If you’re going to one of Florida’s many theme parks at that time, bring plenty of sun protection, and drink plenty of water.

Traveling to Florida is a fun experience which offers a diversity of activities, but it’s important to stay safe and smart about the sun. Keep these tips in mind though, and you’re already well on your way to making the most of your Florida vacation.

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