5 Popular Places to Visit in Florida on Vacation

florida_vacationAre you planning your Florida getaway?  Do travel guides and hotel reviews dominate your dinner conversation?  Are you trying to figure out which things to do in Florida on vacation?

If all else fails, do what everyone else is doing!  Here are five popular tourist destinations in Florida.  Surely any of these hot spots will provide an ideal southern holiday.


Are you headed to Disney World?  Consider staying in Kissimmee.  It is only a few minutes away from the famous tourist attraction and has plenty of its own family-friendly attractions.  If you tire of Mickey, take the crew mini golfing, to a dinner theater, or ice skating.  You can even take a tour of the swamp or visit the local museum for a look at life as a pioneer.


Located on Florida’s Emerald Coast, Destin is the perfect destination for beach lovers.  The sand is extremely fine and soft – perfect for your youngsters sensitive toes.  Take a family stroll through the sand and enjoy the clear green water.


If you are headed to the northeast corner of the state, you must visit Jacksonville.  Many people write off the area as too urban.  However, Jacksonville, Florida has some beautiful nature and wildlife preserves.  Plus, there are famous art, science, and history museums.  If none of that strikes your fancy, how about a brewery tour?

Panama City Beach

This destination is famous for spring break getaways.  However, it is just as popular with the retired crowd.  Because the city’s visitors are so diverse, Panama City Beach has acquired a huge variety of attractions. For example, Zoo World is a favorite of many.  Shipwreck Island water park is at the top of many families’ to-do list.  And don’t forget about the 27 miles of white sand beaches!


South Beach usually gets all the attention – the all-night dancing, the sand and sun, world-class hotels, and more.  However, there are other sections of the city that are just as fascinating.  Of course, there is the zoo.  And Little Havana is a must for authentic cuisine and salsa dancing.  Plus, there are the historical and art deco sections of town that add education and beauty to your trip.

So what is it going to be?  Which city will you be visiting while in Florida on vacation?

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