3 Reasons Why Nothing Compares To Selling Travel

Tagentfortravelhe following are three good reasons to become a travel agent:

1. You’re not pushing a product on people trying to get them to buy so you can make a commission. With other products like nutritional supplements, long distance phone services, and other things you can sell from home, you really have to be savvy and be willing to push your product onto everyone you know.

How excited can people get when you tell them you can save a penny per minute on their long distance bill? While people need many of these products, people don’t buy what they need, they buy what they want. They want to travel.

With travel all you’re doing is letting people know you can save them a lot of money on their next vacation. You can either book the vacation for them or show how much less they would spend if they became a certified agent. Once you show people the discounts they get as an agent, they’ll become an agent just to travel one time! They see that they save more than the certification cost.

Plus they’ll be more experienced travelers if they read the travel manual that comes with the program. Then you make a good referral commission for signing them up.

2. Nobody loses. Whether you’re looking to make money, sell travel, or just take a cheap vacation, you can have it all when you become an independent travel agent.

3. Because the travel product is so exciting and such a non-confrontational sale, your customers help you sell. When someone spends a week in Tahiti for only $400 they can’t shut up about it when they get home. So it’s truly a product that spreads by word of mouth.

The Truth About Travel

Over 80% of all vacations are taken from the referral of a friend, family or co-worker. When you become a travel agent. that puts you in a position to reap financial rewards by simply referring fabulous vacations at discounted rates.

After you take a trip or two, your friends will be begging you to tell them how you travel so cheaply.

Think about this, if you asked 100 people to make a list of their top 10 goals and dreams, how many would have a dream vacation on the list? Almost everyone! It’s simple. Become a┬átravel agent, make money on your travel and get paid for showing others how to do the same.

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